Le Dieu Kevin Warhol


About Kevin

Kevin is an “Oliver Twist” story combined with “Alice in Wonderland.” In twenty years of working with boys, G. Duroy says he has never seen such a thorough change in personality as Kevin’s two-year transformation (as of 2010). He really blossomed; every experience was new. Kevin comes from a difficult family background and has essentially been on his own since the age of 14 or 15, supporting himself as he finished school. (The neck tattoo is an expression of his tough life experiences.) His first name “Kevin” comes from the Macauley Culkin character in “Home Alone.” George feels that is probably how our Kevin would have handled a similar situation. There is a bit of impishness in him, a lot of caring and a good sense of humor. He is also the least egotistical of all the Bel Ami boys. Sexually, Kevin was tentative and shy in the beginning. But following his trips to Africa in 2010, you could perceive a major change in him in all sorts of ways. We have learned that he is a little bit dirty, sexually, but it comes from a place of innocent, pure exploration. This is a rare quality. George feels he has the qualities of a young Johan Paulik and will become a first-rate trainer in the future.

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Calor, Vacaciones, Playa, Trajes de Baño, Sol, Bronceador, Cuerpos perfectos… que más podemos pedir?

Hoy en sunday special los fantásticos resultados de la playa: fotos y más fotos de hombres hermosos, dioses famosos y desconocidos. 

Feliz Domingo

Les gustó??

Hoy les traje 20 fotos, el doble de lo de siempre. 

Lo mejor del calor y las vacaciones siempre será poder ver a los Dioses enseñar lo mejor que hay debajo de su ropa.

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